SOCIETEPORCMONTAGNE is a key brand on the French and international market for  fresh and frozen pork meat supplying is concerned. As an expert in meat processing since more than 40 years, the group‘s commitment is to offer the best French meat while proposing regularly innovations.

Pigs Bred with passion.

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Having complete control over the pork from the abattoir, we do offer you quality pork in all forms and at your doorstep. We do offer meat As an expert in meat processing for more than 40 years now
SOCIETEPORCMONTAGNE is an expert in the pig caretering and pork processing industry for more than 40 years. Feel free to contact Us
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Bred with Passion for generations

All Pork is preserved by advanced cooling systems

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Societe Porc Montagne’s four strategic cornerstones are; clients, processes, suppliers and products, directly linked to its values of integrity, sustainability, humility and excellence. We thank our clients once more for their support

Frozen pork back bones meaty

15 Kg carton catch weight ± 18 units

Frozen pork femur bones

10 Kg carton fix weight ± 23 units

Frozen pork sternum bones

10 Kg carton fix weight ± 34 units

Frozen pork neck bones

10 Kg carton fix weight
± 18 units

Frozen pork blade bones

45%-55%meaty 10 Kg carton fix weight ± 20 units

Frozen pork humerus bone

(1/2cut) 10Kg carton fix weight ± 30 units

Premiere French Pork exporters

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"Most amazing I ever had!! I highly recommend them"
- Bryan G
"Amazing taste, and quality pork!! Best ever!! I bet anyone who buys and cooks from them will love it"
- Laura Petracio
"I always restock, from them because i honestly think they are the best."
- Harold Z
"They offer pork meat both wholesale and in parts at amazing low prices for such fine quality"
- Laura Petracio