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We are global leaders in the export of Pork that reach more than 120 countries in all five continents. SOCIETEMONTAGNE operates on Large production and caretering of pig and its various products in Sainte-Radegonde, France with pig & Cow slaughterhouse, 4 cold stores and more than 20 distribution centers.

Our Theme

Serving Pork meat  since 1984

With quality, reputation and trust being the most demanding factors of the international market, we welcome all new clients to our brands.

With over 100 international purchasing companies around the globe, our high professional, very friendly sales representatives are always ready to receive new clients to try out our products

The Societeporcmontagne logistics department is always ready to organise orders and subsequent shipments to all ports around the globe. We thank you for collaboration and your utmost trust

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Pork meat Since 1984

Societeporcmontagne is a French based company specialised in pork production for wholesale and retail across Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania. Founded in 1984 in the city of Sainte-Radegonde, France we own our own farms where we breed the pigs for production. The farms are well treated against bacteria infections by well trained and qualified health officials. We thank you once more for support.

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The expert in meat processing since more than 40 years. The group‘s commitment is to offer the best French meat and cured meat while proposing regularly innovations. As a major player in the pork meat sector with a slaughtering capacity of 40 000 pigs per week, we can meet all our customers’ demands and on time. We are strict in measures concerning sanitary and customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

The desire to serve the greatest number of customers has brought it success in many markets in France, as well as in the medium and large export markets. We have complete control of our products at every stage of the process: from the abattoir through to the finished product. We value Quality, Procurement and Traceability.

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Raising pigs can be pursued as a small-scale operation as source of family meat and supplement income or it can be made into a large-scale operation. We make sure we raise in the right environment for adequate consumption.


We are highly organised

A tight time schedule that starts from the momoent the animal is slaughtered to ensure the maximum freshness to customers

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